Carnival Spicemas 2011 winners to finally get prize monies

Following a two-month wait winning artistes in the August 2011 Carnival, (Spicemas 2011) are being told they will finally be receiving their prize monies.

Carnival ended on August 9 with a promise that prize monies would be paid within two weeks but that didn’t happen.

A recent letter to the Grenada Carnival Committee (GCC) from the Grenada Progressive Association for Calypso and Tents (GPACT) gripped about the “disrespect”  shown to carnival stakeholders by the committee and threatened to take the committee to court of they didn’t pay out the prize monies by Monday 24th.

Minister Responsible for Information Senator Glen Noel said despite the lateness of the prize payments, “government recognizes the importance of the stakeholders and the significant contributions they have made over the years’’ to carnival in Grenada.

Just over EC$400,000 will be paid in prizes at a special ceremony on Monday October 24th.

The delay in payment, he explained, “is because of the global economic crisis and the inconsistencies in government cash flow.’’

Sen. Noel emphasized the need for government and the public and private sectors “to continue working together to ensure the continued development of Grenada’s carnival.’’

Monday’s prize giving ceremony, is scheduled to start at 5pm at the Players’ Pavilion at the National Stadium in St. George’s.

Prizes would be given to winners in pan, soca, calypso and masquerade.

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