Agriculture Minister wants leniency from IWC for whale hunting in the Caribbean

Agriculture minister Denis Lett has joined with his sub-regional counterparts in calling on the International Whaling Commission to relax its regulations  regarding whale hunting in the Caribbean.

This as the Agriculture Ministers of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) just wrapped up a two-day meeting in St. Vincent.

Lett told the meeting that the policies within the IWC have continued to affect small island states of the Caribbean and as such the IWC should at least recognize the rights of all people to self-determination.

He added that the goal of the region is to achieve an equitable resolution to the many issues confronting the OECS.

“Moreover our goal is to ensure that we can achieve an equitable resolution on the many issues confronting the organisation which would solve the interest of ours,” he said, adding that the issue of food and nutrition security cannot be over stated.

He said it is important for the small islands of the region to ensure that the actions of countries and organizations that do not have a strategic interest in the ocean as an essential source of food, do not prevail.

Lett encouraged the meeting to take full advantage of the vast marine space, which he says holds significant opportunities for the economic and social development of the people of the region.

“We must take full advantage of the relatively enormous marine space which holds significant opportunities in contributing to the economic and social conditions of our people,” he added.

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