Constituents call for the resignation of Karl Hood

By: Rawle Titus
27th August, 2012

Supporters of Grenada’s ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who campaigned for Karl Hood to be elected as a member of Parliament in the House of Representatives are now calling on him to step down.

Members of the NDC St.George’s South East constituency who Hood represents in Parliament are angry over his decision to file a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in the administration of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.
They met Sunday in what was described as an emergency meeting and has released a statement distancing themselves from Hood’s actions.
“We the supporters of the NDC in St. George South East hereby declare that we have lost all confidence and trust in MP Karl Hood, since his words and actions do not represent the will and wishes of the constituents” the statement said.
“We further call for his immediate resignation as MP for the Constituency of St. George South East”.
Hood, Foreign Minister up until a few months ago before he quit the cabinet, on Friday lodged the motion with the island’s Clerk of Parliament.
“The constituents of St. George South East have expressed shock, horror, dismay, disgust, disappointment, embarrassment and anger at MP Karl Hood’s perceived unpatriotic, childish, spiteful, uncaring and bitter behavior within recent times” the statement said.
While Hood has announced plans to quit politics he has said that he will remain as an MP for the St.George South East constituency until the next general elections are called.
There has been no official comment from government Monday nor any indication that a reaction is forthcoming to the second ‘No Confidence Motion’ against the Thomas administration.©

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