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CWI said it denied liability to ensure amicable resolution

Cricket West Indies issued a statement explaining its reason for initially denying liability in the dismissal of former coach Phil Simmons.

Barbados Police investigate double homicide

Sunday night’s double homicide brings the number to 18 in less than three months. Between January and April 2018 there were approximately 8 murders while there were 5 for the corresponding period in 2017.

Police say they have no motive yet for the killing and is appealing to anyone with information to come forward.

Haiti opposition plans month-end protests

The opposition parties last week indicated that they intend to hold meeting with representatives of different national community sectors to increase antigovernment mobilization across the country and to discuss the possible implementation of a transitional government with a precise roadmap on positions already well publicized.

Privy Council dismisses Layne’s appeal

Layne a former deputy defense minister and operational commander of the People’s Revolutionary Army, was among 17-members of the PRG, convicted of the execution-style murder of revolutionary prime minister Maurice Bishop and eleven of his cabinet members in 1983.